Experience traditional Holland

Experience traditional Holland


Visit the Zaanse Schans

Experience historic Holland from a bygone era at the Zaanse Schans. This windmill village on the Zaan River is located just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, and you can visit free of charge. We look forward to welcoming you to our historic neighborhood, with residents who still live and work in a traditional setting. You’ll also find the oldest windmills, unique crafts, shops, restaurants, museums, nature, and scenic walking trails.


Map of the Zaanse Schans

By means of the interactive map, you can explore the mills, crafts, museums, shops and homes, constructed in wood by original methods typical to the Zaan region. Plan out your walking route and decide what you want to visit as you walk. Because our village is free to enter, you won’t need to pay an admission fee.

Please note that the windmills and some museums do charge an entrance fee, however. Simply buy your ticket at the museums and mills you want to visit. You can visit the museums free of charge if you have a Museum Card or an I Amsterdam Card.












History of the Zaanse Schans

Following World War II, traditional timber construction was in danger of vanishing for good. For this reason, a number of mills and homes were relocated from the Zaan region to the Zaanse Schans.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is a beautiful historic mill village with centuries-old windmills and timber houses painted green.
It is not an outdoor museum, but a special public area, a ‘regular residential area’ in the municipality of Zaanstad.

That’s right, you can visit our village for free. There’s no entrance fee, so you don’t need a ‘Zaanse Schans ticket.’
The windmills and some museums do charge an entrance fee. Simply buy your ticket at the museums and windmills you want to visit.
Please note: parking fees do apply.

Yes, visit the windmills such as De Huisman, De Kat, De Zoeker, Het Jonge Schaap, and De Bonte Hen at the Zaanse Schans. Please note: the windmills and some museums charge an entrance fee. Simply buy your ticket at the museums and windmills you want to visit.

The houses in the Zaanse Schans are examples of authentic, historic Zaan-style timber construction. Because the homes are mostly occupied, you cannot visit them. You can view them from a distance so as not to disturb the residents, enjoy the scenery, and take a stroll back into history as you explore our windmill village. A visit to the Schans is one of the most special outings in the Netherlands.

Because it is a public area, you can visit the entire Zaanse Schans 365 days a year, free of charge. There are eleven shops, three restaurants, seven craft centers and three museums that you can visit for free every day. The remaining two craft centers, the windmills and three of the museums can be visited for a fee.

We are a residential and working neighborhood, and not a theme park or outdoor museum. For this reason, visitors can come to the village 365 days a year, including on public holidays. Please note that not all windmills and museums are open on public holidays. You can consult the interactive map for the opening hours.

Yes, there are restrooms at the main entrance and on the dike toward the mills. They are public toilets, which you pay €1.00 to use (payable by debit card or credit card only). A disabled toilet is available at the main entrance, as well as a shower and commode.

You don’t have to buy tickets to visit the Zaanse Schans – it is a public area open to everyone for free, 365 days a year. The many shops, craft centers, restaurants and nature preserve are also free to visit. Only the windmills and some museums charge an entrance fee.

Dogs are welcome on a leash at the Zaanse Schans, but not in all of the locations. For example, dogs are not allowed into some of the museums.

You can pay by cash (and debit or credit card) at almost all locations, except for the restrooms and parking, for which you can only pay by debit or credit card; cash payments are unfortunately not possible in these places.

Unfortunately, there is no ATM at the Zaanse Schans, but you can use a debit or credit card anywhere.

The lost and found is located at the information desk in the Zaans Museum (the modern building near the parking lot).

The parking fee for passenger cars is €15.00 for the whole day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by the hour.
Please note: payment can only be made by debit or credit card.
Coaches are charged €35.00, €45.00 or €55.00 depending on the season.

Opening hours for each location may vary seasonally. You can find all of the opening hours on the website, but most of the locations are generally open every day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Because the Zaanse Schans dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, the paths, bridges and buildings are not always wheelchair-friendly. Nevertheless, a day out at the Zaanse Schans with a wheelchair is certainly possible. Disabled parking and restrooms are available. Wheelchairs may be reserved at the Zaans Museum if necessary.