Cheese Farm ‘De Catharina Hoeve’

Cheese Farm De Catharina Hoeve

You can watch the whole cheese production process here… and enjoy a taste of the many varieties available!

Cheese Farm ‘De Catharina Hoeve’ is built in the style of an Oostzaan farm, and was donated by Albert Heijn on the occasion of Ahold’s centennial in 1987. The beautiful farmhouse has a detached dwelling and was constructed using old beams. The transom above the barn door bears the blue Ahold logo. The farmyard can be accessed from Zeilenmakerspad. The adjacent dwelling is a national monument owned by the cheese dairy established there. The doors to the hay barn and stable are located on the side of the building facing the Kalverpolder waterways, as all transport used to be by water. In 2008, a North Holland ‘pannenschuur’ was added. The word refers to what was once a brewing shed with Dutch roof tiles, a building typical of North Holland but very rare nowadays. The entire site was designed by architect Cornelis de Jong from Middenbeemster.

Cheese Farm De Catharina Hoeve

The Kaasmakerij hosts daily cheese-making demonstrations that illustrate every aspect of cheese production. It goes without saying that you are welcome to try all of the types of cheese on offer, such as the world-famous Edam and Gouda cheeses, along with goat and sheep cheese, and even nettle cheese. Naturally, all of these cheeses are available from the farm shop. We hope you enjoy them!

Cheese Farm De Catharina Hoeve
Cheese Farm De Catharina Hoeve

Mr Albert Heijn drives the first pile for the foundations of the cheese farm in the Zaanse Schans, in 1987

Municipal monument 1987
Design: Cornelis de Jong,
based on historical examples

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    March to September, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    October to February 8.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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