Cooperage ‘Tiemstra’ from Oostzaan

Cooperage Tiemstra

The shipyard, formerly belonging to Wed. K. Brouwer from Zaandam, now accommodates an old cooperage from Oostzaan…

The building at Kraaienpad 2 was built in around 1850 and located on Rustenburg in Zaandam. This former shipyard was often used for building flatboats, which were also repaired here after being pulled from the water on an original slipway. The hinges in the building facade are worthy of note; they enabled the facade to open almost all the way to let vessels pass through. There is a separate stone oven next to the building that was used to heat the ‘pek’ (‘pitch’), a tar-like substance used in ship maintenance.

Cooperage Tiemstra

These days, you can come here to admire the unique, authentic work carried out by the Tiemstra cooperage from Oostzaan. The industrialization of the Zaan region meant that there was an increasing need for the storage of goods. As a result, tubs, barrels and vats were also in great demand. The work of the cooper (barrel-maker) is a particularly special craft, and making wooden vessels is no simple task. A container such as a barrel has to be suitable for storing and transporting all kinds of materials, such as flour, spices, oils and even water. It goes without saying that these vessels should be completely leak-proof, particularly when they contain hazardous substances such as gunpowder! When you visit the cooperage, you’ll be able to see the care and skill that goes into making these barrels using traditional tools and techniques.

The cooperage reflects the spirit of the last Zaan cooper and is a tribute to Jaap Tiemstra, who bequeathed the workshop to the Zaanse Schans upon his death in 1999. The Cooperage is now under the management of the Zaans Museum.

Cooperage Tiemstra

The shipyard belonging to Wed. K. Brouwer at its original location on Rustenburg in Zaandam

Municipal monument, approx. 1850
Relocated in 1970
(formerly located on
Rustenburg, Zaandam)

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