Craft center ‘De Saense Lelie’

Craft center De Saense Lelie

A granary typical of the village of Westzaan, housing a gold and silversmith, diamond merchant and… fresh syrup waffles!

Warehouse ‘De Saense Lelie’ (‘The Zaan Lily’) in the Zaanse Schans has a rich and varied history. The original building is a granary from Westzaan, dating back to 1789. In 1973, it was the first warehouse to be relocated to the Zaanse Schans. It has been used for many purposes over the years, ranging from exhibition space and small theater, to jazz café. Nowadays, the warehouse is a craft center and shop, where visitors can enjoy a variety of crafts and an almost bewildering array of products. The goldsmith and diamond merchant ‘Royal Diamonds Amsterdam’ will tell you about every facet of gold and diamond processing. Allow yourself to be dazzled by one of the largest collections of diamonds, and choose your personal favorite. The experienced goldsmiths will then be happy to set your diamond in 18 carat gold, in precisely the style you desire.

Craft center De Saense Lelie
Craft center De Saense Lelie

If you have a sweet tooth, then the syrup waffle bakery will be sure to catch your eye… treat yourself to a freshly baked syrup waffle, or one of the many other treats for you to enjoy.

Craft center De Saense Lelie

Warehouse ‘De Lelie’ is a wonderful example of the historic barns in the Zaanse Schans. The building is located on Schipperplein and stands on 350 wooden foundation posts. Visitors can enjoy everything on display while experiencing the historic atmosphere of an authentic 18th century warehouse.

And once again, warehouse ‘De Lelie’ and ‘De Vrede’ are neighbors, just as they were on Watermolenstraat in Westzaan.

Municipal monument 1789
Relocated in 1973
(formerly located on
Watermolenstraat, Westzaan)