Tasting room/distillery ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’

De Tweekoppige Phoenix

Sample the most delicious home-brewed liqueurs… as well as coffee with all sorts of delicacies!

Tasting room and distillery museum ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’ (‘The Two-headed Phoenix’) is located in Warehouse ‘De Bezem’ (‘The Broom’) at Kraaienest 3. Here, the distilling process is unveiled, and visitors can taste a variety of historical and modern liqueurs in the barroom. To ensure that visitors can fully enjoy the various flavors, the De Tweekoppige Phoenix offers a tasting of three liqueurs ranging from sweet to spicy… just as you fancy! The liquor shop also has a wide array of flavors for you to choose from. ‘Polderwandeling’ (‘Polder walk’) is one genuinely local product – a ‘likorette’ (lower-alcohol liquor) containing a typically Zaan blend of herbs, fruits and VOC spices. Polderwandeling is made with herbs and spices that walkers might encounter while strolling through the Zaanse Schans and Kalverpolder, including blackberries, thyme, poplar buds, cloves, nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon, along with other spices from windmill ‘De Huisman’.

De Tweekoppige Phoenix

And you really couldn’t make these ones up: Saense Whisky, Kever Jenever (Beetle Gin), Tulpen Wodka (Tulip Vodka), sparkling Komkommer Gin (Cucumber Gin) and many more! All of the flavors are natural. The cucumber gin contains real cucumber, and if a label states that a likorette contains apple and cinnamon, then it really does contain those things.

And while you’re there, try a ‘wastea’ – the ice tea that reduces waste by making use of discarded fruit! It comes in a range of delicious, refreshing flavors and is the perfect mixer for a cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’ has come up with a few of its own tasty recipes too…

Naturally, you can also drop by ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’ just for a great coffee (with liqueur!), a beer or an appetizing lunch, and soak up the atmosphere in this historic mill barn dating back to 1682.

De Tweekoppige Phoenix

Municipal monument 17th century Relocated in 1976 (formerly located on Noorddijk, Wormerveer)