OV1509: Business Association at the Zaanse Schans

OV1509 is a dynamic collective of various entrepreneurs at the Zaanse Schans. Along with residents, millers, craftsmen, museums, and other businesses, OV1509 strives to preserve the quality, historical values, and heritage of this unique location. The association is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and the preservation of cultural and historical heritage in the Zaan region, with a special focus on the Zaanse Schans.

‘OV1509 Zaanse Schans’ was founded by a group of enterprises that have contributed to making the Zaanse Schans the cultural and historical heritage site it is today. Various members of the association, such as the tin foundry, clog maker, diamond cutter and goldsmith, bakery museum, distillery, and soap factory, as well as the restaurants and several shops, have been established at the Zaanse Schans since the 1970s.

The OV1509 association is not affiliated with or connected to Foundation the Zaanse Schans.