Gift shop ‘Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop’

Gift shop Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop

This former Zaandam bookshop was reputed to be a haunted house… these days, it’s a gift shop where soap is made!

Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop is a beautiful shop typical of the Zaan region. Part of the building dates back to the 19th century, although the front house has much older origins in around 1630. The building stands next to an open square at the water’s edge, also known as a ‘glop’, a place for transshipping cargo. The front house was constructed in the 17th century. This is clearly visible in the roof of the house, which is largely supported by ‘eiken krommers’ – slightly bent oak beams also used in shipbuilding. The stained glass windows above the ‘dooddeur’, a door that was used only for weddings and funerals, are another typical feature of that era.

Gift shop Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop

This building was previously located on Rozengracht and housed a bookshop with adjoining library. It was believed in Zaandam to be a haunted house. The former bookshop’s distinctive display window is still in use. An interesting detail is that the wooden planks on the front facade are grooved. These reused planks originally came from sailing ships and were scored with grooves to give sailors better grip on the wet deck.

Gift shop Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop

These days, the shop is a source of unique gifts and a venue for creative workshops. It also accommodates a soap factory with a small museum area that visitors can admire, where soap is still made in accordance with traditional methods. The Zaan region has a rich history with respect to soap. For example, the striking building that used to house the soap factory ‘De Adelaar’, founded in 1885, still stands on Veerdijk in Wormerveer. Visitors to Orse-Ket aan ’t Glop can participate in several workshops and learn how to make their own soap, and Zaanse Vegan Bio Butter (based on cocoa butter) for wonderfully soft skin. There is also a candle-making class. The elongated house at the rear of the property – a ‘luchthuis’ (garden house) from Krommenie – affords sweeping views of the Zaan and houses a Bed & Breakfast.

National monument approx. 1630
– and 19th century
Relocated in 1970
(formerly located at
Rozengracht 1, Zaandam)

  • Shop | Crafts | Bed & Breakfast

  • Kalverringdijk 21, 1509 BT Zaandam


  • Open daily 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Walk-in workshops on Wednesday,
    Saturday and Sunday until 4.30 p.m.

  • +31 (0)655 553 443 / +31 (0)624 123 970