‘t Koopmanshuys d’Mol

Koopmanshuis de Mol

‘’t Koopmanshuys d’Mol’, with both a mole and a beehive incorporated into the family crest above the door…

Bed & Breakfast ‘’t Koopmanshuys d’Mol’ is a beautiful merchant’s house built in around 1660 and named after the original owners, the Mol family, who made their fortune in the whaling industry. For this reason, the ‘deurkalf’ (transom) features a mole depicted on a circular blue background. This dwelling has thirteen rooms and is the largest house in the Zaanse Schans. The family wanted their impressive home to be a reflection of their wealth and distinction, and the grandeur of the house certainly accomplishes this. Accordingly, the impressive family crest, beautifully carved from wood, is also displayed above the door.

Koopmanshuis de Mol


The house has a fascinating history. The previous residents were the paper-manufacturing Honig family, who were globally renowned for their high-quality papers. The Honig (‘honey’) family crest is a beehive, and is prominently displayed on top of the roof as a reminder of their well-known contributions to the production of paper, including paper on which the original copies of the American Declaration of Independence were printed. As a consequence, many specimens of this political text bear the beehive watermark. ‘’t Koopmanshuys d’Mol’ and ‘Het Noorderhuis’ were previously neighbors in Zaandijk. Both buildings were neglected, but had not been declared uninhabitable. The same family later purchased Het Noorderhuis with the intention of using it as a place to house their library. The classic decorations around the door have been beautifully restored and are now a striking feature of this Bed & Breakfast. The main entrance, which was installed during thorough modernization works in 1796, includes a fanlight depicting Mercury’s caduceus with two snakes and Neptune’s trident, these two being the gods of trade and navigation at sea respectively. The same trident and caduceus are also visible above the doorway of Het Noorderhuis. Both ‘t Koopmanshuys d’Mol and Het Noorderhuis have a rich history and are a valuable addition to the Zaanse Schans. Thanks to their unique architecture, historical significance and beautiful details, guests staying at the Bed & Breakfast will have a very special experience. ‘t Koopmanshuys crosses the Zaan River in 1970