Oil mill ‘De Os’

Oil mill De Os

A mill without cap and sails (‘quencher’); initially converted into a small factory, but nowadays a private residence…

This oil mill dates back to the 17th century and is now what is known as a ‘quencher’. The cap, balcony and sails were removed in 1916, after which the oil mill functioned by means of a motor for a period of time. These days, two families live in the mill. The first record mentioning oil mill ‘De Os’ dates back to 1663. In 1915, the mill came into the possession of the current owner’s grandfather, who used it to press cocoa husks by means of an electric motor. During the transition to machine production, mills were often partially dismantled, with production continuing in the body of the mill. The drive mechanism originating from the windmill era is still present in ‘De Os’. ‘De Os’ is the only mill in the Zaanse Schans that is still privately owned.

Oil mill De Os

Oil mill ‘De Os’ is visible in its full glory in the background of this photograph, taken in 1898 during a sailing regatta organized by the ‘Zaanlandsche Zeil Vereeniging’ (Zaanland Sailing Association)

Oil mill De Os

Cogwheel for mill ‘De Os’ on the premises of the millwright company ‘Gebroeders Husslage’ (The Husslage brothers).

National monument 1663
(original location)

  • Private residence

  • Kalverringdijk 33, 1509 BT Zaandam

  • Not open to visitors
    The houses (and windmills) in the Zaanse Schans are examples of authentic, historic Zaan-style timber construction. Because the homes are occupied, you cannot visit them. You can view them from a distance, but please be considerate towards the residents.
    Enjoy the surroundings during a great day out in the Zaanse Schans!