Oil mill ‘De Zoeker’

Oil mill De Zoeker

In the early days, this mill – the oldest at the Zaanse Schans – was used to pump water… nowadays it presses oil.

Oil mill ‘De Zoeker’ still ‘beats’ oil out of seeds and peanuts every day, in accordance with authentic methods. The miller and his family live in the adjacent mill barn. The mill was originally built in 1609 as a polder mill and, along with other mills, was used to drain the Beemster Polder. In 1672, it was relocated to the Westzijderveld in Zaandijk and converted into an industrial mill. Over the centuries since then, De Zoeker has operated as an oil mill, then a paint mill and cocoa mill from 1891, before being converted back into an oil mill again.

Peanut oil, ‘beaten’ in oil mill ‘De Zoeker’… because this clear peanut oil has a high boiling point, it’s ideal for stir-frying, frying and deep frying; and is also great in mayonnaise, sauces and dressings!

Oil mill De Zoeker


A fierce hurricane that severely damaged ‘De Zoeker’ in 1925 prompted the immediate establishment of the ‘De Zaansche Molen’ Association. The windmill was restored, but 40 years later presented an obstacle to Zaandijk’s plans for expansion. The municipality transferred ownership of the mill to the Association for the price of one guilder, so that it could be relocated. The spectacular transfer of the windmill to its new location took place overnight from August 1 to 2 in 1968. The mill body, weighing over 18 tons, and the cap were first lifted over the overhead line running along the railroad in Zaandijk, and then transported the rest of the way by road and water to the Kalverringdijk. Once there, the mill body was mounted on the substructure that had been prepared on the spot where windmill ‘De Wind’ had stood until it burned down. The transport of oil mill ‘De Zoeker’ was headline news around the world at the time. The entire relocation ended up taking over 24 hours, and made way for construction of the ‘Nieuw Rooswijk’ neighborhood on the old site.

National monument approx. 1609 (1673)
Relocated in 1968
(formerly located in
Westzijderveld, Zaandijk)

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