Pewter Foundry ‘De Tinkoepel’

Daily pewter casting demonstrations are held in this 18th century tea dome…

The Tinkoepel (‘Pewter Dome’) stands behind the Zaanse Kralentuin (‘bead garden’), next to the bridge over the Zaan. Daily demonstrations of the historic craft of pewter casting are held here. The Tinkoepel is one of the last pewter foundries still operating in the Netherlands. You can come here to watch pewter being melted and hand-cast in authentic bronze molds, the oldest of which dates back to the 13th century.


The Tinkoepel was originally a tea dome that once stood in the garden of a prominent house in the Zaan region. ‘Theekoepels’ (tea domes) are a typical 17th century Dutch phenomenon, built for the wealthy as places where they could drink tea and enjoy the view. From this particular dome, Zaan merchants looked out over the bustling Zaan River as their trade – and that of their competitors – drifted by. In 1967, the Rococo-style dome was transported in spectacular fashion from Zaandam to the Zaanse Schans on a ‘floating sheerleg’.

The Tinkoepel is now run by the third generation of the Blaauboer family. Just like the first pewter caster in the 19th century, Hermannes Tollenaar, they still add their own hallmark to the pewter products they cast. In 2014, they were awarded the title ‘Masters Of Folk Arts & Crafts’ in China at the International Exhibition for Crafts and Folk Culture. The craft of pewter casting is proudly continued here in a building that has retained its original character and beautiful marble floor.

Pewter Foundry De Tinkoepel

This authentic dome is home to an extensive selection of original pewter products in all sizes, many of them handmade. There’s something for everyone!