Sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’

Sawmill Het Jonge Schaap

Giant logs are sawn here every day, just as they were centuries ago…

Dating back to 1680, the original sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ initially stood in Zaandam but was dismantled in 1942. A replica was built at Zaanse Schans between 2005 and 2007, based on the centuries-old original construction plans. Extremely precise measurements made in 1942 were also used in the process, in conjunction with modern computer techniques. Part of the reason for the project was to preserve the millwright’s craft for future generations. One of the young carpenters who helped with the reconstruction went on to become the miller at ‘Het Jonge Schaap’, processing mainly local timber such as oak, elm and pine in the sawmill. Interior of the sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ It is the last ‘top-turning’ timber sawmill in the Netherlands, with a unique hexagonal mill body and three frame saws, one of which is a ‘scalloped frame saw’, used to saw the bark off the edges of the planks. ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ is located on Kalverringdijk. There is an exhibition cellar beneath the mill that enables you to watch the sawing work from a vantage point below. Logs ‘soak’ alongside the dike in the authentic little timber harbor, and are pulled up the ramp and into the mill to be sawn. The Husslage brothers drew up this blueprint in 1940, with the intention of later rebuilding the mill. This eventually happened between 2005 and 2007. Sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ is a unique example of the 17th-century timber sawing technology that paved the way for the Golden Age in the Netherlands. At one time, there were about 109 top-turning sawmills operating in the Zaan region. ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ is the last of these. Another interesting detail is that it is one of eight hexagonal mills in the Netherlands, and the only one of these that is a sawmill. The ‘De Zaansche Molen’ Association and ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ Foundation were responsible for carrying out the project.

Sawmill Het Jonge Schaap

Sawmill ‘Het Jonge Schaap’ in Westzijderveld, in around 1930

Original mill dates back to 1680
Reconstructed in 2007
Municipal monument
(formerly located in
Westzijderveld, Zaandijk)

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