Vrede Souvenirs – Warehouse ‘Vrede’

Vrede Souvenirs

A four-bay granary full of souvenirs and gifts…

‘A substantial, well-built, strong and excellently located seed and grain warehouse, named Vreede’ – this was the description of the warehouse at an auction held in 1848. Warehouse ‘Vrede’ (‘Peace’) is located at Schansend 1 on Schipperplein (Schipper Square), on the large parking lot adjacent to the main entrance to the Zaanse Schans. The square is named after Zaan resident Jaap Schipper, the architect who designed the original plan for the Zaanse Schans. Warehouse ‘Vrede’ is a four-bay warehouse with four floors, two attics and a loft. The upper floors feature numerous supporting pillars, which were intended to bear the weight of the stored seeds. The building has a steeply pitched saddleback roof with low overhanging eaves and traditional Dutch tiles. This solid warehouse was originally built in 1726 and was relocated to the Zaanse Schans in June 1993. It was transported by means of deck barges and a flatbed truck, which was a remarkable sight at the time. Warehouse ‘Vrede’ viewed from the Oostzijde, on its way by boat to the Zaanse Schans The warehouse was first used as a visitor center. The second floor later housed the office of the Zaanse Schans Foundation, and a corner of it later became the Parking Management’s service location. The entire first floor of the building is occupied by the Vrede Souvenirs gift shop, which houses an amazing array of unique and special souvenirs. Perfect for taking home as mementos or gifts!

Vrede Souvenirs

Provincial monument approx. 1726
Relocated in 1993
(formerly located on
Oostzijde, Zaandam)

  • Shop

  • Schansend 1, 1509 AW Zaandam

  • Entry: free of charge

  • March to October, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    November to February, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • +31 (0)75 615 7680