Windmill Museum ‘De Zaansche Molen’

Everything you always wanted to know about the invention of windmills and the history of wind energy…

The Windmill Museum run by the ‘De Zaansche Molen’ Association brings the history of wind power to life, revealing the magic of windmills! You can experience age-old stories here and find out all about the significance of the mills as valuable, world-class Dutch heritage through the history of the Zaanse industrial windmills, spanning a period of more than four centuries. The amazing interactive model displays more than 1,000 mills from the Zaan region, taking you on a fascinating journey through time from the glory days of trade and wealth to the harsh realities of labor and social development. Stand in awe before the largest windmill painting in the world – ‘Het Molenpanorama’ (The Windmill Panorama) by Frans Mars. The painting is 11 meters wide and vividly depicts the mills in East Zaandam around the year 1800. Frans Mars was a painter and educator who established the ‘De Zaansche Molen’ Association in 1925 to preserve windmill heritage for future generations. There is much to learn from the ‘World of Windmills’ about the marvel of engineering and ingenuity that transformed the Zaan region into the world’s first industrial area.

A crown post (‘makelaar’) can be seen at the top right in the photo above, and in the photos below. This is similar to the crown post on top of Sawmill ‘De Gekroonde Poelenburg’, which had the function of warning the miller when the mill was facing the wrong way – the wind blowing through the slots carved in the wood would make a whistling sound.

You can enjoy the various exhibitions and films here in the Windmill Museum, and admire the beautiful panoramic view of the polder and its many mills from the top floor. Afterwards, you can complete your visit with a great cup of coffee…

Original Zaan-style wooden building
with timber shed 2007
Villa ‘Kalverliefde’

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