Zonnewijzerspad 1-2

Zonnewijzerspad 1-2

The ‘Haremakerij’: ‘haren’ (horsehair press mats) were made in this house, for use in oil mills… Zonnewijzerspad in the Zaanse Schans is home to both workers’ cottages and merchants’ houses. These typically Zaan-style buildings generally have a single story and are often painted in green and white. The houses are similar in appearance, but the merchants’ houses are larger and more richly decorated. Zonnewijzerspad 1-2 is the ‘Haremakerij’. While the year 1743 is displayed on the facade, the workshop in the lower section of the house dates back as far as 1673. When a factory expansion forced the house to make way, it was donated to the Zaanse Schans Foundation by cocoa factory ‘De Zaan’.


The house has a rich history. It was home to generations of people who made ‘haren’: press mats made of horsehair, which were folded double, braided and then enclosed in a leather cover. These were used in oil mills as filters during the pressing of linseed and peanuts. The ‘haren’-making profession even became the family’s name, which can be seen on the facade sign bearing the name ‘Klaas Haremaker en Comp.’ The craft eventually disappeared when hydraulic presses came onto the scene, replacing oil mills and percussion presses. However, you can still see how these press mats were used when you visit oil mills ‘De Zoeker’ and ‘De Bonte Hen’ at the Zaanse Schans. The building features distinctive ornamental ironwork in the front door, which shows that the resident at the time was wealthy.   The ‘Haremakerij’ at Hoogstraat 39-41 in Koog aan de Zaan, in around 1930 In 1964, the building from Hoogstraat 41 was transported over the bridge to Zonnewijzerspad 2

Zonnewijzerspad 1-2

National monument 1673 and 1743
Relocated in 1964
(formerly located at
Hoogstraat 39-41, Koog aan de Zaan)

  • Private residence

  • Zonnewijzerspad 1-2

  • Not open to visitors

    The houses in the Zaanse Schans are examples of authentic, historic Zaan-style timber construction. Because the homes are occupied, you cannot visit them. You can view them from a distance, but please show consideration for the residents.
    Enjoy the surroundings during a great day out in the Zaanse Schans!